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I’m trying something new.

For each day in the month of October I will post a short essay based on a prompt, suggested by Kate Motaung. Kate is the founder of Five Minute Friday, an online community of writers who support each other as they engage in sharpening their craft.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

Each day I will link my essay to the prompt below. I may run behind (life happens). I will catch up eventually (just FYI). If the link is clickable, you’ll know there’s something to read under the hood.

10/1 Story

10/2 Afraid

10/3-4 Believe & Why

10/5 FMF Prompt Share

10/6 Belong

10/7 Hope

10/8 Comfort

10/9 Inspire

10/10 How

10/11 Door

10/12 FMF Prompt Praise

10/13 Talk

10/14 Ask

10/15 When

10/16 Pray

10/17 Pause

10/18 Search

10/19 FMF Prompt Who

10/20 Audience

10/21 Start

10/22 Help

10/23 Common

10/24 Brief

10/25 Capture

10/26 Prompt

10/27 Whole

10/28 Song

10/29 Together

10/30 Voice

10/31 Close