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My first thought as I finished reading this book was, “Where Was This Text when my family needed to spend time in the hospital?” This book is a reference book of what you need to know about the medical system, before you need to know it. I appreciated the author’s candor in approaching the subject of this book from someone who has a depth of professional experience, to her audience whose surface experience has been on a need-to-know level. As the author says, “There are quite a few things that we, as a healthcare team, assume you know.” She then further says, “I feel like we could do a better job of informing our patients of what to expect.” This book is written from the assumption that you will be a patient in the hospital, or an advocate for someone else who expects to be hospitalized.
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This book was easy to read and the pages are filled with exactly what the author intended for readers to learn. What You Must Know When Going to the Hospital is an appropriate title. Anything involving medical situations is going to cause stress. From the outset it’s not just the health of the person, there is the ambush of care details after the illness occurs, and all this can lead to information overload. Kati Kleber thoughtfully included a final section where she asks questions of the reader and then provides pages where you can write your own questions and take notes.