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A day or so ago, I got an email from WordPress congratulating me on my anniversary. It took me a moment to figure out what they were telling me. I guess they keep track of when I published my first post. Happy three year anniversary to me. If you’re interested in what I had to say back then, you can read it here.
Things haven’t changed much since then. What? A lot has changed since January 24, 2012. In fact, more has changed in my life than has stayed the same, and that extends to the purpose of this blog. The purpose hasn’t changed since the first post. This blog exists solely to encourage you.
I spent years searching for my life purpose. I thought purpose was defined by some distinguished achievement rewarded by moving up the corporate ladder or a title above the one that included the word ‘specialist’. I worked long hours, never said no to an opportunity, and gave up many weekends in search of what I did well. You know what I found out? What I do well is encourage others to do well. I’ll be the cheerleader on the sidelines, you be the star athlete on the field. I’ll be the stagehand, you be the actor. You be the shoemaker, I’ll be the elf. This is my purpose and I know this because it’s natural, I do it without thinking, and I know that it’s tattooed on my DNA. 1 Corinthians 12:7 “ The Spirit has given each of us a special way of serving others. Best of all, I never have to promote myself or my gift. I can leave that up to God himself. “Be humble in the Lord’s presence, and he will honor you.” James 4:10 (CEV)
The years I spent searching weren’t wasted, but I can see my story in 1 Corinthians 12:1-3 “My friends, you asked me about spiritual gifts … before you became followers of the Lord, you were led in all the wrong ways by idols …  Now  if you are led by God’s Spirit, you will say that Jesus is Lord.” 
If you’re searching for your purpose, it might not be what you think. Our purpose doesn’t come with a man-made title, inflated salary, status on the org chart, or notoriety. We all have the potential to be great. If you think great means famous, you would be wrong about that.  Great and famous are not even in the same galaxy. Great is a reflection of character, not of public notoriety.
I don’t know what your purpose is, but I know what mine is. Three years ago I decided to spill my encouragement through words and actions. I hope that my words reflect my heart and my actions are aligned with my words. My search for significance won’t end until I do. This gift fulfills my purpose which after all these years I know is simply to spread encouragement and God’s love to whoever reads or listens.