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They unfriended me
Times have changed. Ya think? I was listening to moms of teenage daughters lament the developing epidemic form of rejection, Facebook unfriending. My first thought was, “Are you serious? Facebook is just a game, a place to read something funny, learn about the latest fiasco in the life of an accident prone friend, or pick up a tip on the best month to buy tires”.  Until that moment, I had considered Facebook as nothing more than a mechanism of communication on a personal level and a marketing tool for businesses who want to sell me their products. Never had the thought occurred to me that Facebook or any social media phenomenon would be used to appraise the value of a person or to rank their acceptance. Times have changed.
The basis of this blog formed out of the discovery that there are bullies in this world.  Through their speech, through their acts, and through their attitudes, bullies are on a mission to bring everyone down to their level of misery.  They have been on Earth since God kicked Lucifer out of heaven, along with his followers. The methods have changed, but the consequences have not. The battle between good and evil continues.
The subject of bully warfare is too broad to cover in a few sentences. We could be here for hours debating the cause and effect of bullying, but just for today – some ways to combat the bullies in your life while you support others who struggle with bullies in theirs.
Start with something easy. At my favorite Meijer Department store there’s a man in a wheelchair who greets customers and welcomes them as they enter.  Throughout the day there are others who fill that role but this is the lesson for us.  When the door opens that initial greeting says ‘acceptance’.  How easy can it be to smile and with sincerity say, good morning or a simply Hi!
Go ahead post a positive comment with joy-filled undertones on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+ or Pinterest or – here’s a novel idea.  How about posting on the bulletin board at the coffee house?  You could start today with saying, “Today I am thankful for … the fact that when I woke up, I could see, walk, talk, and hug my child, my spouse, my pet”. Well you can figure it out.
Spread encouragement – especially to the young who are in this life phase where their life experience is so limited, each event is significant.  This is not just drama; it’s real to them. Being unfriended in Facebook is a form of rejection. Today, be a source of emotional strength and be the light to someone who is struggling with feelings of doubt and drained of confidence.
Today is all we’ve got. Tomorrow is the result of how we live it.  How can we build barriers against bullying and tear down walls of defeat? Let’s look inward and fix what’s inside, so tomorrow is better and we can be at peace! Ephesians 2:14 God is our peace…he destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.
Now if you unfriend me, I might care, but it won’t decrease my value as a person or cause me to evaluate my worth. It just means one less ‘friend’ in my list of ‘friends’. This is the message we need to get across to friends (Facebook or otherwise) that they are priceless and that their value is more precious than rubies. [Proverbs 3:15] God does not make junk. He makes masterpieces. Ephesians 2:10  We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. Our job is to do good – to all people.